5 Strategies to Promote Employee Engagement


5 Strategies to Promote Employee Engagement

Keeping the engagement levels at the workplace high is crucial for your business to function properly. Poor engagement means low energy levels which leads to a decrease in productivity. Here’s how you can promote employee engagement.

1. Allow Breaks

The first thing you can do to promote employee engagement is to allow breaks. This doesn’t mean to only let your employees have breaks but also to encourage them to do so. Resting is essential for being energized afterward, so it’s only natural that you allow breaks.


2. Encourage Flexibilitygroup-of-engaged-employees

Flexibility is one of the key components of almost everything in our modern world where everything is constantly changing. People must learn how to adapt or they will be overpowered by the ever-changing world.

One of the biggest misconceptions employers believe in is that employees can’t manage their own job without the close watch from those above them. The opposite is actually true more often than not. Most competent employees are able to adjust their schedule in a way that will be most effective for them. This is because your workers know their strengths, weaknesses, and the work effort required for any given task better than you do and may be able to rearrange their to-do list accordingly.

Don’t be afraid to give your employees more freedom in terms of working hours. Flexibility has been proven to make people more productive, engaged, and happier. If you are still doubting whether it is a good decision, you can test this strategy for a week and see whether the engagement levels have risen or not. Then, you can decide if you want to keep it this way.’


3. Be Authentic

“Authenticity is so rare nowadays. It is hard to come across something truly original, but being creative is still possible if you try hard enough. Just make sure that you don’t copy something else entirely whether intentionally or by mistake,” says Marie Fincher, Head of Content at Trust My Paper.

Just like authenticity is related to originality, it also has a direct connection with sincerity and mutually beneficial relationships between you and your employees. Being truthful with your workers makes them trust you more and allows them to open up to you when they need to.

There should be no sugarcoating in your workplace. If you are hiding something important, then there is no way that you will have a good relationship with your employees. You have to trust them with information and they will trust you in return. Moreover, pretentious behavior and falsified relationships will be easily detected and you will never be trusted again.

You must be a mentor to your team. Being reliable and motivating your employees will improve employee engagement and make them more involved in the processes. Likewise, it also promotes teamwork, lifting the team spirit. Your workers will trust you more and they will trust and rely on each other more.


4. Ask For Feedback

One of the biggest mistakes many employers make is being authoritative and making all the decisions by themselves. But doing so doesn’t position you as a part of the team. Instead, it makes you look like one of those nasty bosses and distances you from your employees.

Make sure not to make this terrible mistake as this can only lead to problems. There is a simple way to avoid such situations which is to ask for feedback from your team. They will gladly tell you about their opinions on the matter and you will get different perspectives about the issue.

Asking for feedback also shows your employees that you value them and their input and want to see them being involved in the process more. It makes them more engaged and raises their self-esteem. Asking for feedback is essential for the well-being of your organization, so you must never overlook this important component of any business structure.


5. Reward Generously

Last but not least, remember to reward your team generously. You have to appreciate all their efforts and show them that you value what they do (not just by asking for feedback but also by rewarding them).

There are different ways you can reward your employees. The simplest is to thank them at group meetings or individually. They will appreciate even such a small gesture from your side. Another way to do this is to promote them to a higher position if they have earned it. If your employee has been working in your organization for quite some time and has shown great results, you may want to give them a more important role in your company.

Another great idea is to give your employees gifts or awards. For example, a box of chocolates or pizza for everyone is perfect for celebrating a milestone you reached. You can also host the end of year awards or even monthly awards to make your best workers feel special.

In addition to all of the above, consider giving your employees a day off or provide them with a longer vacation. It’s all up to you how you decide to reward your employees, but as long as you don’t forget to do it, your workers will stay motivated to continue working to their fullest.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if your employees are struggling with staying motivated, using these strategies will help you promote engagement and increase energy levels in your team. Follow the advice in this article to achieve the best results you could think of.