Breaking Bad Sales Habits

Breaking Bad Sales Habits

Breaking Your Bad Sales Habits Is Possible


A habit is something that you start frequently doing, whether you were taught it or learned by trial and error. Many salespeople get into the habit of doing the wrong things, whether they realize it or not. If you wonder about bad sales habits and breaking them, you’re not alone. Many top salespeople have worried that they’re falling into a rut or doing the wrong things.


Poor/No Follow Upremember-follow-up-sticky-note


One of the biggest bad sales habits includes not following up after the call or doing so incorrectly. Breaking this habit is something that should work hard on as soon as you notice that you’re slipping. Why would you bother to start something if you weren’t going to finish it? The follow-up is how you gain control. If someone doesn’t seem that interested, a follow-up could be just what they need to decide to buy.


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Busyness Instead Of Business

Almost everyone knows how to seem busy without doing anything. You may act like you’re cleaning the equipment at a fast-food restaurant, but you’re really leaned over playing with your smartphone. Every moment of your work day should be productive, excepting breaks and lunch hours, of course. Time is precious, and most people squander it away, not realizing how much it hurts their productivity and output, as well as their income.

comfort-zone-quoteComfort Zone

There are times to be within your comfort zone and times to get a little uncomfortable in selling. However, always selling inside your comfort zone is just one of many bad sales habits that should be broken. You can’t achieve progress or growth if you never branch out and expand your mind. There are times when you want to work within the comfort zone, but it’s just as important to realize when to step outside the area and get a little uncomfortable.

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