5 Step Process to Opening a Sales Call

For many professionals in today’s sales world; the process of making a sales call is one of the most nerve wracking and frustrating parts of the job. There are times when the sales call can go well; and times where you can expect to face a great deal of rejection. One of the most important parts of the sales call involves effectively opening the sales call. The first minute you are on the phone and opening the sales call is very important and can help you develop a great first impression that will keep the prospect on the line and give you time to really sell your product or service. Here is a 5 step process to opening a sales call.

Step One: Begin With a Friendly Approach

From the moment your prospect answers the phone, they will be developing an impression of you and typically you only have about 20 seconds for the prospect to make up their mind about you. This is why you will want to start with a very warm and friendly tone and a friendly greeting that will put the person on the other side of the line at ease; this will help get your opening off to the right start. Make sure to greet them formally while still staying friendly and personal.

Step Two: Warm Up and Building Rapport

After your initial greeting you have a few seconds to warm up the buyer and to start building rapport. Remember the first 30 seconds are important and if they like you then they will let in information that will reinforce their initial impression of you. If they do not like you in this first few seconds then they will screen out anything that contradicts their first negative impression of you. Friendly conversation is always a great way to ‘warm up’ your opening.

Step Three: Establish Credibility

The opening of your sales call is an important time in the sales process because it helps you establish credibility and to show the potential buyer that you are a professional in your field and a credible source to be selling them what they need. The buyer should feel as though you are a professional they can turn to.

Step Four: Revealing the Needs of the Buyer

You should know the buyers needs before you start the sales call. Know what your prospect or buyer does and make sure that you quickly reveal the problem that they could be having and let them know that its a problem that your company can fix with your product or service.

Step Five: Identifying the Solution

The final step in the opening of your sales call before you begin asking questions and really trying to sell your prospect; is letting your buyer know, briefly, that you have a solution to the problem that they are dealing with and that your product or service can help them.

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The Importance of Managing & Implementing a Mid Year Sales Tune Up & Sales Management Strategies That Work

A mid-year sales tune up is a smart strategy. It’s not particularly a new concept, but it is definitely not as widely practiced as it should be. Businesses today face immense competition, thanks to the Internet. Marketing strategies are ever changing but never have they changed at such a fast pace as what they have in the last decade. To take your business to the next level where marketing is concerned, you must adapt to these changes and implement strategies that will give your company and edge. Staying ahead of your competitors means that you must conduct constant evaluations of your plans, goals, and actions. We are currently about halfway through 2015, so now is a great time to evaluate the business goals and plans that you put into place at the beginning of the year. Take an inventory of where you are and where you need to be at the end of the year. Chances are you will be surprised by the stark difference in where you stood six months ago.