How to Go from Good to Great in Sales


How to Go from Good to Great in Sales

If you’re stuck trying to answer the question of how any can company (good, bad, and mediocre) improve and achieve greatness, you aren’t alone. Most people wonder how some companies can go from good (or bad) to some of the most elite companies in the world. In a sense, it falls on the sales managers and the sales teams. No sales team is ever going to be great if the sales manager settles for being good instead of the best. Being good is much easier than being great.

Who and What

Most people focus on the ‘what’ first, but you need to focus on finding the right people before anything. Your human capital is your best asset. Not all people are going to fit the bill, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize them in other ways.

You may need to shift people around, hire new sales reps, and let go of current ones. Once you have everyone in place based on their strengths, you can determine your strategies and vision for the company.

Consider a variety of questions to weed through your current employees. You should determine if there are people on the team that shouldn’t be there. You may also want to focus on moving team members to new positions that aren’t in the best positions or whose skills aren’t being utilized to the max.

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Confront but Keep Faith

Research has shown that you achieve results primarily when you make a series of good decisions. However, they must be executed at the right time and must be in sequence to work. Of course, perfection isn’t the key here, but to be great, you must make multiple good decisions one after the other, and you must make more good decisions than bad ones. Of course, to do that, you need the most accurate information.