How To Prepare For a Sales Call

How To Prepare For a Sales Call

Preparing For The Sales Call

There are very few sales professionals who enjoy making cold calls. Even making phone sales pitches to known customers is a challenge for many salespeople. Cold calling can be particularly for those who struggle with the lack of personal contact available in a face-to-face sales meeting.

 The reality is that with expanding sales territories and less budget for travel, most companies are requiring their sales professionals to spend more time using the phone and online technologies as opposed to person to person meetings with customers.

 The good news is that techniques, strategies, and approaches to successful sales calls are something that can be easily learned and mastered. Like any type of sales process, there are things that the sales professional must do to prepare for the sales call. Strategically prepare for the sales call by keeping these key factors in mind.

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Strategic Sales Call Preparation

One of the key factors to keep in mind is that a cold call should never be a call to an unknown entity. There is enough online information to have a basic idea about the size of the company, what it produces or the services it offers, and what products or services you are selling that can solve a problem they are experiencing.

This does take prep work, but it is not long or tedious work. Ideally, when doing your due diligence on the company and the individual, jot down a few notes that you can keep in front of you during the call.

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Keys to Mental Preparation

If you are dialing a phone number and you are stressed, distracted, unhappy, unmotivated or frustrated from the last call, this will set the tone of the first words you speak. A flat tone of voice and lack of passion and belief in making the sales call can easily persuade the customer to end the conversation. Once the prospect senses you are not interested, he or she is not interested either.

Take a minute or two and disengage from any negativity you may be experiencing. Take a couple of deep breaths, close your eyes, and visualize a winning sales call. Play a mental movie of just what you are going to do. Build your confidence up, and get mentally prepared with a positive and energetic outlook about the opportunity to have this conversation. If you feel more energetic with a quick physical activity break, take a walk, step to the window and look outside, and just give yourself a minute to come back to a calm, composed mental state.


Next, be sure to have your written notes easily visible, either on your desk or have the CRM page, spreadsheet, or document open and visible on your computer. Also, be sure all the specs and technical information, if applicable, is right at your fingertips, so you are not hunting around if there is a request for more information.


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