The Importance Of Understanding The Sales Process Video

The Importance Of Understanding The Sales Process Video

In this video, we examine the importance of understanding the sales process and customer focused selling.

We discuss times when YOU were sold. What was the experience like? What was different about a good experience when being sold too compared to a bad experience?

We also look at Today’s competitive business world and its ever-changing factors.

  • Customers
    • Customers are busier than ever
    • You have to prove yourself to customers
    • Customers have an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mentality
    • They are risk averse and avoid challenges
  • Economy
    • The economy is always a factor in the business of selling
  • Politics
    • Politics affects businesses whether we like to think so or not.
    • When government gets involved more heavily in certain sectors (healthcare) companies are affected
  • Technology
    • Email and smartphones have changed the way we do business
    • Social media adds awareness and transparency
    • Product reviews are available on demand

Remember to always keep your focus on the customer and use a “what’s in it for me” point of view.

Keeping the Focus on the Customer

Optional Project: Identify two or three specific actions you could take, as salespeople, to implement these “golden rules” with your prospects.

The Golden Rules of The Sales Process

  • Use a WIIFM Point of View (What’s In It For Me?)
  • Gain Permission to Advance
  • Get the Customer to Buy into the Decision


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