In Selling, “Your Network Is Your Net Worth”


In Selling, “Your Network Is Your Net Worth”

If you come back from an event with little more than a bunch of business cards that end up in the trash, it’s time to rethink your sales approach. In selling, “your network is your net worth.” Sure, it is nice to meet different people, perhaps even make a friend. However, the objective of a networking event is to lay the groundwork for future success, for you and your company. Connecting with the right people helps to expand your business, but meeting the right people requires focus and discipline on your part.

One business card from a genuine prospect is worth more than an entire card index full of cards from people who cannot help you meet your goals.

The Importance of Networking

It matters little what you are selling. It could be products, services, or perhaps yourself. What does matter in sales is ensuring the person returns to you to fulfill their needs.

The primary objective of networking is to build business relationships. Once the foundation has been laid, sales follow. Even in this age of social networking, nothing is better in selling than personal relationships. It is only human nature to want to see the individual you are about to give an order to, if for no other reason than to know there is someone there who can help when necessary.

How Networking Helps You to Increase Sales

As helpful as the internet age has been, it has resulted in business becoming impersonal. For you to expect your prospects and customers to remember you, and that which you are selling, you must maintain the “personal touch.” When you have made contact with a networking prospect, always follow up. The old saying, “Strike while the iron is hot” has never been truer than when it is used in the context of sales and selling. After you have met with someone who has a need, desire, financial capacity and authority to buy your product/service, you should follow up on a regular basis.

If your goal is to increase sales, it takes a determined and dedicated effort. As you build your network, stick to your plans. When you add names to your list and stick to your “game plan,” you will be making the best use of your limited time. Never lose sight of the fact that in selling, “Your network is your net worth.”

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