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Negotiation For Sales Professionals

Negotiation For Sales Professionals

Negotiation For Sales Professionals

Available in Workshop & Keynote Format
Negotiation for Sales Success® is a comprehensive sales training solution and methodology that supports the consistent application of customer-focused selling skills.
Sales Negotiation Workshop Overview

This negotiation workshop provides the audience with a strong set of negotiation skills that lay the foundation for excellent relationships and improved sales numbers. I will customize a pitch for your group and also create a demonstration and demonstrate this practice with a volunteer.

Demonstrations will correlate with helping the audience better present the key points of the presentation with the audiences view consciously in mind to help the audience improve their ability to dissect and interrupter key information during the presentation present their presentations. Only when you have dissected the information properly will your audience really be able to take advantage of the content you provide. We ask participants to present with each other in a fun and interactive fashion.

Negotiating deals should be done through research, data and hard work to attract another person to connect with your ideas, suggestions, and solutions. This is your opportunity to pitch yourself or your product, having the facts correct and making an impact is crucial to your success.

Learning how to present information persuasively and appropriately with our support and training organizations in a detailed workplace helps us to reach our goals and surpass our expectations with clients.

Getting people to see things from your point of view while listening to them in an equally respective manner is negotiation at its finest.

There are many ways to go about dealing with disagreements and problems that occur between 2 people, a group of people or several groups of people. To begin, there is usually a misunderstanding that creates tension which results in anger and other negative emotions.

We teach your group how to look at the “human being” you are arguing with or talking to, rather than concentrating on the problem. Both of you have emotions, values, and morals that back up your stance on the problem or issue at hand. Each person wants to reach an agreement that is beneficial to their cause but also lets them keep their self-respect and feel good about the outcome.

Your group learns to deal with each problem sensitively. We teach them how to separate the relationship from the substance and deal directly with the people problem. Once they learn to do this, they can truly explore rational solutions. This helps you avoid arguments by showing the other party that your main goal is to come up with a solution that makes both parties happy.

Separating Your Relationship from the Problem:
  • You must maintain accurate and realistic expectations. Each person will not get everything that they want.
  • You must communicate openly and clearly. Each party needs to know all the details that back up the reasoning behind your point of view.
  • You must control and maintain your emotions. When emotions get involved, it can create personal problems between the two parties that distracts them from coming up with the best solution.
  • Your approach should always be forward-looking. You are looking to solve a problem and you should always be moving forward together to help come up with a solution together!

The Sales Coaching Institute’s workshops are customized experiences designed to meet the specific needs of each individual client.

Audience/Group Benefits:
  • A better understanding of appropriate negotiation skills related to their prospects.
  • Improved ability to communicate
  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • Increased awareness of the power of negotiation
  • Increased awareness of one’s negotiation style and its impact on others
  • Improved ability to handle interpersonal and group negotiation situations
  • Emphasis on gaining an understanding of feelings, gestures, attitudes, and emotions
  • More effective conscious negotiation practices within groups
3 Key Additional Benefits:
  • Create your own negotiation vision, values, and expertise
  • Be more intentional and strategic in negotiation, as opposed to relying on intuition alone
  • Recognize ways to sell effectively under a variety of conditions/circumstances

The Sales Coaching Institute’s training is designed to educate participants and help lead them to develop more constructive and beneficial sales negotiation skills and behaviors.

  • 60 Minutes
  • 120 Minutes
Negotiation for Sales Professionals is designed to help improve:
  • Sales
  • Productivity
  • Reduced call reluctance
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Increased achievement & drive
We look forward to working with your sales force, sales managers, and your organization.

The Sales Coaching Institute Sales Training is a global training organization that has the privilege of working with major organizations located in major cities throughout the United States with professional training & coaching materials. For 20 years The Sales Coaching Institute has helped sales organizations, ranging from small and mid-sized businesses to Fortune 1000 companies, improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of their sales and management processes.

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