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1 on 1 Sales Coaching

You’re good, you’re smart, you’re consistent and the results are not quite where they should be. But if you’re willing to do the work, you can have anything you want. That’s what makes the sales profession so great. Most salespeople say they want to make their numbers and beyond, but not everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve those numbers. The way to prove yourself is to better yourself by engaging in One-on-One sales coaching with a professional sales coach.

Start making your numbers. Enter a new life and hold yourself to a higher standard! Connect with people in a way that you have never connected before.

This is a chance to change your sales career and your life. But remember, if you don’t take action, there will be no positive outcome. It’s hard making your numbers, selling is hard! If it was so easy, everyone would do it! How bad do you want it? Well, it’s no longer enough to want it! YOU HAVE TO GO FOR IT!

Our One-On-One Sales Coaching Strategy

Plan the Sale


  • Creating a sales action plan that works for you and your product/service.
  • Prepare proven sales strategies for your samples or product demo.
  • Perform detailed studies of your prospects and clients.

Open the Saleopen-the-sale

Discover the Opportunitydiscover-the-opportunity

  • Learn to ask the right questions for different prospects.
  • Learn to listen and care.
  • Expand the dialogue to get crucial facts and information.
  • Learn to ask for referrals and new business when appropriate.

Solve a Problemsolve-problem

Get Customer Commitmentcommitment

  • Tactics to advance/close the sale
  • Learn rules of influence
  • Hold customers accountable

Motivate Yourselfdaily-boost

Who Will Benefit From One-on-One Sales Coaching?

  • Individual Sales Reps
  • Top Performers
  • Those struggling to make numbers
  • Those new to the Sales Profession


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One-on-One Sales Coaching

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