Opening The Sales Call – Part One

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Opening The Sales Call

sales-process-templateLet’s quickly review the sales process. First, you spend time prospecting and identifying qualified leads. Next, do your homework and convince the prospect to meet with you. Now, you are about to meet face-to-face with this prospect.

This step, Opening the Sales Call, is about making a good first impression, positioning yourself as an expert and setting a positive tone for potentially doing business.

As you get to know the prospect and ask questions to understand his needs, you will determine if there is a solution your company can provide to fit his needs. Once your present that solution, you may need to overcome objections and then you will close the deal.

Lastly, you will continue to cultivate the relationship, and develop the client for life.

In this video training series, we will talk about opening the initial sales call and opening follow-up meetings. In both types of meetings, you will plan to open the call in a similar fashion.

In sales  follow-up meetings, you will summarize what happened in the prior meeting, instead of making introductions. However, in some cases, there will be new decision makers who attend the meeting. In that case, you will summarize as well as Make Introductions.


What is an opening? It is a starting place, you are planting seeds to grow the relationship.


Successfully Opening The Sales Call Involves:

– Good First Impressions

– Position Yourself As An Expert & Trusted Advisor

– Setting a Positive Tone For Doing Business

– Above All, Always Be Yourself!


We are excited about your interest in becoming an expert on opening the sales call. We have eleven more consultative sales training videos and blogs designed just for driven sales reps like yourself that will teach in more detail the following.


  1. Planning The Opening Sales Call
  2. Practicing The Opening Sales Call
  3. The Importance of An Agenda For the Opening Sales Call
  4. The Importance of Making a Positive First Impression on The Initial Sales Call
  5. Creative Ways To Build Rapport During The Initial Sales Call
  6. The Importance of Understanding and Utilizing Open Ended Questions During The Sales Call
  7. The Importance of Being Your Authentic Self
  8. The Benefits of a Positive Opening Sales Call
  9. How To Transition From Introduction To The Sales Agenda
  10. How To Adapt To Meet Client Expectations During The Sales Call
  11. Getting Into The Sales “Flow Zone”



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  • Confident
  • Sincere
  • Engaging
  • Able to ask the right questions
  • Good listeners
  • Able to identify and articulate the right solution

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