The Power of Positive Sales Habits

The Power of Positive Sales Habits

While habits are often seen in a negative light, as those bad habits you want to break, successful sales professionals have learned how to create effective, positive habits that help them to be very good at what they do.

Positive sales habits are easy to incorporate into your daily sales routine if you focus and commit. Since they focus in on what you should be doing and what you do well, building on these habits helps you create a strong sales plan that will drive sales and boost your qualified leads.

Positive Sales Habits By Design

Positivity also creates confidence and easy to recognize attitude that properly sets the tone for the business meeting. This positivity comes from being prepared, knowing your buyer and having confidence in yourself and the products you are promoting. The attitude you put yourself in will exude in any environment that you are in.

Some of the most positive and proactive sales habits to cultivate and develop include:

  • Planning – plan how you want your sales cycle to occur. This includes everything from prospecting to your greeting to your choice of clothing and the specific sales approach you want to use. Top sales reps also have a Plan B, a backup to help you deal with possible challenge.
  • Build personal relationships – networking and checking in on connections either through social media sites such as LinkedIn or through personal interaction is a very positive habit to develop. Not only does this build connections for qualified leads but it also allows you to become a trusted source of information.
  • Scheduling – a very positive habit to cultivate is the ability to structure and schedule your day. Schedule in cold calls, follow up calls, time to spend networking and time to update records and make notes on meetings. While new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) makes this easier, it still has to be completed on a daily basis.
  • Incorporate healthy lifestyle choices – getting 8 hours of sleep, eating healthy and balanced meals and managing to get in some physical activity every day is another positive habit that can help you improve your selling career and almost every other aspect of your life.

By feeling healthy and creating a work-life balance, you will be more motivated, more creative and better prepared for the demanding job of being a successful sales professional.

Positivity and successful sales habits go hand in hand. At The Sales Coaching Institute, we are able to provide customized training to help your sales team develop this power of positivity.

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