One Piece of Sales Advice To Be Successful in Selling

10 Feb 2017
Doug Dvorak
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The One Piece of Sales Advice To Be Successful In Selling

Those new to sales are often overwhelmed with advice from senior sales reps, sales managers, websites, blogs and from conferences and sales training events. Each of these sources of information is eager to provide a new sales professional with a “proven method” or the “sure formula” for sales success. This information overload is sometimes overwhelming and must be sifted through in order to determine what works best for you as an individual.

In fact, there are a lot of different elements that have to be in place to be a successful sales person. There needs to be a structured approach to the sale, research, and preparation on the company and the buyer, a good understanding of the product or service as well as the ability to close the deal.

However, and here is the foundation for every successful sales person, no matter how disciplined you are at applying a method, how polished the presentation may be or how effectively you can detail the benefits and features of your product, nothing matters if you cannot connect with the customer.

Communication and Connection

Every successful sales professional is an expert in communication and connection with his or her clients. This skill is part natural ability to build rapport quickly and easily combined with learning about the most effective ways to communicate with different people.

communicationHaving the ability to engage a client in a conversation creates an instant sense of friendship, camaraderie and interpersonal connectivity. This comes from being able to tease out interests, passions, and information about the buyer and the company and then build on these to find areas of concern for the buyer that your product creates an answer.

Effective communication is not just about being friendly or being seen as a trusted resource; it is about knowing how to communicate with an individual in a way that meets their needs. Learning as much as you can about building rapport and developing effective communication skills will be the key to success in your sales career. This bit of sales advice will help you succeed in your sales endeavours, always communicate, collaborate, and connect!


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