How Sales Beliefs and Behaviors Drive Results

07 Nov 2016
Doug Dvorak
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Beliefs and behaviors can dramatically improve sales results. Beliefs are what forms behaviors. They will dictate how you react to particular situations. The way you portray yourself when trying to make a sale will be noticed by the customer. Even if you are trying to make a sale over the telephone, they will pick up on the vibes that you give off. If you don’t really believe in your product or service, then your customer probably won’t either. If you are passionate about the product you are selling, then they may want to learn more.  In order to increase sales, you must have the ability to be flexible in changing your mind. If you are seeing good results, then your beliefs are probably ok. If you receive no sales, time and time again, then you may need to rethink your beliefs and how you behave.


Beliefs Drive Actions and Actions Drive Results


The sales industry is tough, and wanting good results isn’t enough. It also isn’t enough to work harder on the assumption that hard work alone will produce results. You can present to all of the clients that you want, but if you aren’t doing discovery work to know the products you are selling, you probably won’t believe in your product enough to be able to pitch it correctly. To be able to have a great performance in sales, you must be able to change your beliefs. Don’t be stubborn about making changes. Many people don’t like change in general, but in this case it is essential. Once your beliefs have changed, you then have the ability to change your actions. Change is the best way to get great results.


Things to Consider


If you hope to improve your overall sales performance, there are a couple of things that you will need to consider. The first thing you will need to do is to determine what strongly held beliefs are serving you well, and which ones aren’t. You will then need to determine what actions those beliefs cause you to take or not to take. Another thing to consider is the performance of others. If you know someone that is already producing excellent sales results, then maybe you should contact them to see what they are doing. Knowledge is the key, and you need to adapt to change to make things better for yourself and your sales department.

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