Sales Coaching for Performance

Sales Coaching for Performance

Coaching for performance is an indispensable training tool for improving sales rep efficiency and productivity. Establishing a healthy sales culture within your organization is critical to the overall growth of your sales team and has a direct impact on the success and longevity of a business. A structured sales coaching strategy will greatly improve sales skills, change unwanted behaviors, identify motivators, and reveal opportunities for success.

Do you know how to spot a great sales coach? Coaching for improved performance is an essential aspect of growing a confident and skilled sales force. The lessons in this web-based sales training course are dedicated to teaching crucial sales coaching strategies that will inspire your sales professionals to learn new skills and correct behaviors. You will learn to implement structured sales strategies that will help you meet sales training goals and objectives.

Learning Objectives

  • Define and describe coaching in a professional setting
  • Understand and identify effective coaching and feedback procedures
  • Learn how to identify specific strengths and areas for improvements as a sales coach or manager
  • Determine best practices for giving effective feedback

The Sales Coaching Institute is proud to present a web-based sales training class for improved sales coaching practices. You will learn fundamental components of an effective sales coaching regiment that will lead to improved performance and streamlined selling. This web-based sales training class will assist you in crafting a structured sales training strategy for a collaborative sales culture that facilitates growth and learning.