Sales Qualifying Checklist

30 Aug 2016
Doug Dvorak
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Sales Qualifying Checklist

Use this sales qualifying checklist to help guide you through your sales process.

The qualifying process is often compared to a funnel where new leads coming into the system (i.e., opportunities) are initially placed into the top of the funnel (the widest part) and then worked through the system by qualifying, developing, proposing and evaluating solutions, negotiating and then at the narrow part of the funnel, a purchase is made and implemented. 


  • Are you aware of all their needs?
  • Does the prospect acknowledge that a significant problem exists and she must take action?
  • Is their need a high priority (need to buy is quantified, prospect is committed)?
  • Can you provide a unique solution for their need?

Decision Making:

  • Are you speaking to the Ultimate Decision Maker?
  • Are you speaking to the problem owner?
  • Have you identified influencers and approvers? Do you know who else is involved?
  • Are you aware of the RFP process? (Are they giving you influence on the RFP? Did the competition write the RFP? Is there a formal buying process in place?)


  • Is there a solution you can supply and support?
  • Is it within your company’s current product mix?
  • Is your solution ‘original’ or unique and better/different than the competitions?


  • Is there a budget allocated?
  • How much is it? Is funding committed and approved?
  • Is it reasonable; can you provide a solution for that amount?


  • Do you know who you are competing against?


  • Are you aware of their time table to take action?
  • Is their timing reasonable?
  • Does it fall within your own ‘sales cycle’ criteria?


  • Is the potential order value worth the effort?
  • Is your company large enough to handle it?


By using a sales qualifying checklist in your sales process, you will be more organized and process orientated, resulting in more qualified leads and more closed sales!



Happy Selling!

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