Sales Rules to Live By

24 Feb 2017
Doug Dvorak
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There are many different sales rules that top sales managers and top sales professionals use all of the time. These rules are set up to help the sales professional to avoid the most common mistakes that can result in botching the sale and on limiting your chances for another meeting with the buyer in the future.

These sales rules apply regardless of the industry you are selling into or the specific product or service your company offers. They are also applicable for selling to a local manager or into the C-suite. They are also good business practice and they will create a framework for moving through the sales process.

  • Never walk in cold – with the ease of finding out about people on social media sites such as LinkedIn or in learning about companies through websites, there is never an excuse to walk into a business meeting without having a good understanding of your customer, his or her business and the challenges the industry or company faces.
  • Stick with the sales strategy – sales strategies or sales plans are in place because they work. Trying to go in an improvise a sales presentation or a sales plan creates confusion and disorganization, turning the buyer off and lowering your credibility.
  • Rehearse the meeting – by anticipating the objections, challenges and questions the buyer is likely to have you can prepare several responses to redirect the conversation to making the deal rather than focusing in on trying to handle the small details.
  • Don’t talk the buyer out of the sale – testing if the buyer is prepared to move from discussion to specific deals is important throughout the sales meeting. Sometimes the buyer is ready to move to the close and the seller keeps talking, creating a negative experience for the buyer and risking the loss of the sale. Test some key points to help you move from presentation to the close.

One of the biggest rules in sales is to never take a rejection or a negative comment personally. By keeping emotions out of the interaction, you project a professional, supportive and positive attitude that leaves the door open for another meeting and the chance to make the sale.

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