How To Establish an Effective Sales Playbook


What Difference Can an Effective Sales Playbook Make?

Think about sales “teams” you’ve been around in the past that have not adhered to an established sales playbook. Each salesperson uses their own methodologies and processes and every time they lose a deal to the competition or a no-decision, everyone points fingers at each other instead of identifying the root cause. Without this process, there is no sharing of information that will allow the rest of the team to avoid repeat mistakes. Continue reading “How To Establish an Effective Sales Playbook”

The True Cost of a Toxic Sales Culture

What is The True Cost of a Toxic Sales Culture?

Employees have to feel comfortable and secure at work, but the pressure of making profits and selling particular numbers each day can result in a toxic sales culture. As the leader or manager, you have influence and power, which means you could be the one creating that toxic environment. Your goal is to motivate your employees, but a tough-love attitude can quickly cross over to abusive. While some people believe that being unforgiving and tough is the best way to manage everyone, the truth is that each person on your team must be managed differently.


What enforces the rules with one person may not work with another. You can scream and yell with some people, and that’s the only way to get the point across, but with most people, politeness and compassion work much better. Read on to learn about the characteristics of a toxic sales culture and the affects it can have on an organization.

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Sales Management Strategies – How to Manage the Unavoidable and Avoid the Unmanageable!

Sales like life can lead us to many unavoidable challenges that require managing. However, there is a skill in managing the unavoidable and avoiding the unmanageable that all salespeople should acquire. In fact, it should play a major role in sales management strategies to see improved success no matter how big or how small the size of your business.

Managing the Unavoidable

Some of the most common unavoidable situations you will encounter as a sales professional may include:

  • Weak Links: Weak links in sales teams are the same as weak links in any organization or department. If you do not weed them out they will weaken the whole chain. A sales management strategy has to include handling weak links with an effective way of tracking performance, updating training and providing a warning system that will help lead consistently poor performers towards the door.
  • Rejection: Managing rejection means understanding how to become stronger from mistakes. Rejection is an inevitability of sales and not being prepared to manage rejection can lead to poor morale and decreasing revenue. The best thing to do is to use a review system following each sale be it good or bad and take note of what works and what doesn’t for training purposes.
  • Uncertain Landscape: Every industry has its ups and downs. Being able to foresee down times, make adjustments to better manage time and maintain a steady flow of sales is key to success in sales. Having a strategy that helps keep your company “economy proof” will help you maintain a strong holding in the marketplace.

Avoiding the Unmanageable

That brings us to the unmanageable. Here are some tips to avoid the unmanageable:

  • Overpromising: Overpromising is a favorite misstep of the desperate. When your team is unaware of what is realistic for your business when it comes to numbers and resources it is easy to overpromise and under deliver. Making sure there is a constant flow of real-time numbers, inventory and resources available to your sales team will ensure they do not overpromise and disappoint.
  • Poor Customer Service: Once poor customer service becomes the norm at your organization it will continue to be the norm. It is imperative you have a low tolerance policy on poorly managed accounts and customer service and support team that cannot maintain a high level of performance to your customers. Proper training, regular performance reviews and even simple additions such as a rewards system for outstanding performance will help avoid an unmanageable team of underachievers.

Incorporating simple sales management strategies such as these will help you manage the unavoidable and avoid the unmanageable.

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