The 20x Rule in Sales


The 20x Rule in Sales

If you’re like most people, you’ve never heard of the 20x rule, but you have heard of the 10x rule. The 20x rule is something that you should consider and implement from this moment on. In any business setting (and life in general), you must sow 20 times the seeds that you think are necessary or realistic to make anything happen.

Therefore, you have to put in 20 times the effort that you normally would put into your sales activities and your personal growth goals. The 20x rule in sales is applied to business and life.

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Questions to Consider

What would happen if you reached out to 100 prospects each day instead of five? What would happen if you cold-called 40 prospective clients each week instead of two? What happened if you learned the features and benefits of 60 products a year instead of just three?

Top sales professionals study, practice, & master there cold calling so that each of the 100 prospects you are reaching out to is listening to a professional that has a solution to their problem.

Regardless of what you sell, you need to know the products well. You also need to reach out to new people and network 20x more because they aren’t likely to fall in your lap on the first 2 calls. Some might, but most of them are going to require that you call them multiple times. Reaching as many prospective customers as you can is the key to steady growth for any business. If you have already reached out before you have established trust and rapport. Trust and rapport makes it easier to build a meaningful relationship with your prospects.

Test the 20x Rule Theory

Anyone can use the 20x rule in sales. All they have to do is put in more than they think they need. For example, if you plan to print five new brochures and hand them out to people passing by the office, you should instead print 100 brochures and hand them out.

In sales, this is a powerful tool. If the customer is engaged in the conversation, you have their attention, and their interest. Of course, this is only achieved by building trust and rapport through consistent and professional touch points throughout the buying cyce.


Keep It Simple

On sales calls, it can be tempting to keep adding to options, ideas, possibilities, and considerations. However, when you are on the phone, there is no way that you can see the expression on the customers face, there is a good chance of losing them in the what-ifs or even talking them out of a sale by presenting too many alternative options.

Keep it simple and stick to your plan. So reach out to them 20x more than you normally would and keep it simple. When they are ready, they will open up and you can take advantage of your hard work by providing the solution they are looking for.

If another challenge or issue comes up in the conversation, make a note of it and ask the customer if this is something, they would like to discuss the next call. This is a great way to set up a follow-up call, which is now much easier to prep for as you have a topic and an understanding of the customer and her or his goals, objectives, and problems that your product or service can solve.


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