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The Power of Positive Sales Habits

The Power of Positive Sales Habits

In modern general usage, the word “habit” has almost taken on a negative connotation. More than anything else, you always hear the word used in phrases like “bad habit,” “break a habit” and “habit-forming.”

However, at the other end of the scale, it is possible to have good habits that will have a positive impact on your life and career. Top sales professionals have understood this for years and are among the best when it comes to creating effective habits that drive success.

For the most part, these behaviors are actually quite easy to incorporate into your daily sales routine but they do require discipline and repetition to make them habits.

Since these habits are focused on what you already do well – and according to most reputable sales coaches – should be doing anyway, building on them will help you work towards creating a strong sales plan that will drive sales and boost your qualified leads.

A great place to start is by working on your positivity which in turn engenders confidence. Positivity and confidence are essential when it comes to creating a great impression when communicating with a prospect for the first time even if that meeting takes place online.

This positivity comes from being prepared, knowing your buyer and being sure about yourself and the products or services you are promoting. Of course, getting in a good habit of doing the necessary amount of prep work is essential. Here is a fuller list of positive habits for you to cultivate to scale new heights in your sales career:

Planning: The old saying “failure to plan is planning to fail” is an old saying for a reason. It’s true. Before every call, before every meeting, you must get in the habit of not just researching your prospect but planning out how you want the encounter to go.

This includes everything from the time and place to your salutation and your choice of clothing. Research your prospect and develop a specific sales approach you think will work. Then, as every top sales rep does, do it all again to create your Plan B. It takes time. It takes effort. But, by leaving nothing to chance, your confidence will be sky high and your chances of making the sale will be exponentially improved.

Building personal relationships: Networking and staying in regular contact with connections by email, over the phone or through social media sites such as LinkedIn is a very positive habit to develop. Again, it takes time but not only does this build connections for qualified leads but it also allows you to become a trusted source of information.

Scheduling: Another very positive habit to develop is the ability to structure and schedule your day. Schedule a time to make cold calls and follow-up calls in addition to time for networking, updating records and going over notes from meetings. While new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs makes this easier, it still must be completed on a daily basis and it is something that industry-leading sales trainers focus on a lot when trying to help customer reach their full potential.

Making healthy lifestyle choices: You don’t want to show up for a meeting looking or sounding like you’ve been hung in a bag and beaten with a stick all night. Get at least eight hours of sleep, eat healthy and get some regular exercise. Energy and positivity go hand-in-hand so embracing a health habit will help your career (and maybe even help you live longer!).

By feeling healthy and creating a better work-life balance, you will be more motivated, more creative and better prepared for the demanding job of being a successful sales professional.

Summary: While positive and healthy habits may be harder to develop than bad ones, they are worth the effort and they’ll take you places you’ve never been before both with your career and in your personal life.