Top Five Answers to Everyday Sales Challenges

06 Jul 2016
Doug Dvorak
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Finding that individual who embodies the passion and drive you are seeking can be difficult. So, how can you weed out those who will eventually pull your team down and find the winning attributes of a sales champion? Here are five answers to everyday sales challenges and to help you avoid them.

  1. Effective Recruitment StrategiesRecruitment-Strategy-Infographic

The first challenge anyone faces in sales management is the effective recruitment and training of new employees. There is a huge difference between someone who is looking for a sales job because they think they might be good at it and someone who has a passion for selling. Find the person who shares the same enthusiasm that you do. Remember to pay and reward them well. You won’t be sorry. Consider working with The Sales Coaching Institutes sales recruitment specialists to help you hire a sales dream team


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  1. Creating Structure that Produces ResultsStructured-Sales-Process-Model

The second challenge many hiring and sales managers encounter is not creating a structure and regular measures for achieving accountability. Just leaving your sales personnel to find ways to bring in new customers is a sure way to be surrounded by unmotivated and unsuccessful people. Keep your sales force engaged and productive with manageable goals. Whether it’s monthly meetings, daily pep talks or emailed product updates, formulate the best strategies to keep your sales force engaged and producing results. Take an active rather than a passive role in ensuring your employees have the best tools to achieve strong results.


  1. Recognition Is Crucial

The third challenge involves the all-important task of recognizing a sales superstar. Making your employees feel valued and appreciated is one of the strongest reinforcing behaviors you can include in your management portfolio. An employee who is recognized and rewarded is a salesperson who will continue to produce. There are many ways to make employees feel like they’ve done a great job. Employee lunches and gift cards to local favorites are just a few ways to reward your staff. This type of motivation is infectious, and other employees will want to enjoy the same success as their co-worker.

  1. Effective Compensation Gets Results

compensation-drives-behaviorYour fourth challenge is deciding how to formulate a pay structure that works for you. Compensation plays a large role in driving behavior within your sales team. Will you pay your sales force with a base pay along with commission, salary alone or completely commission? The Sales Coaching Institute offers great advice and programs dedicated to Sales Compensation Strategies that can help you develop sales compensation programs that will boost morale and sales. Strong salespeople often prefer commission only as they determine their salary based on their performance. If your salesforce is happy with just a salary and you do not see results, you will quickly learn that the pay structure is not working for you. Find a plan that motivates employees and produces results.

  1. The Importance of a Cohesive Teamsales-team

While your sales employees are the individuals engaging your customers and bringing in new clients, they are only part of your business goals. Your fifth and ultimate challenge is bringing the corporate team together in a way that produces cohesive results. When your marketing department, sales force and management shares effective strategies and implements successful business models, the end result is a selling strategy that works. Consider using team building strategies or working with a team building specialist to bring your team closer together. Connected and teams that respect each other produce more than individuals. Everyone has something unique they can bring to the table and they need to know how to communicate with one another effectively to produce results. Doug Dvorak is a team building specialist, view some of this team building programs here http://www.dougdvorak.com/keynotes.

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Use the resources provided above and the above 5 answers to avoid everyday sales challenges to help your sales team reach the next level of success.


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