Why Hiring a Sales Coaching and Training Expert Is Better Than DIY


Why Hiring a Sales Coaching and Training Expert Is Better Than DIY

Sales coaching and sales training is critically important. Ask any industry leader in just about any field you can think of and they’ll confirm this statement.

However, for every successful company out there that has benefitted from bringing in outside expertise, there are just as many excuses being offered by less successful companies for not doing it.

Sales training and sales coaching is a highly specialized field and no matter how good they are at their real job, your average sales manager lacks the teaching skills needed to complete this task effectively and efficiently.


A sales manager, after all, has different priorities. They need to focus on getting their teams to make more sales. They simply do not have the time it takes to keep up with all the latest sales and marketing approaches and techniques. Nothing against them. There’s only so many hours in a day and if teaching was their strength, they probably wouldn’t be working as sales managers.

Aside from trying to get one of your more senior managers to conduct training in-house, the next most common short-cut is to enroll employees in a skills program or send them to a seminar. While better than nothing, these options do little to help the employee tackle all the work they have on their plate as they’re learning the new techniques and skills.

Bringing in an outside sales trainer addresses all these issues as they are able to be onsite helping your employees learn in the “real world” working on actual tasks.

Ask yourself: How do the top companies in my industry train and coach their sales employees? Chances are they don’t ask a sales manager or someone from HR to take on the additional responsibility. They understand hiring a true sales coaching and training expert is always going to better – and more cost-effective than a DIY approach.

Truth be told, the benefits of sales coaching and sales training are obvious as the recent spike in the industry attests. All you need to do now is find an experienced professional with a stellar track record to help your sales people scale new heights of selling success.